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Everything you need to study for ARE 5.0—including exclusive prep videos, a free demo exam, and real-time help from NCARB experts. [...]

Architect Spotlight: Matthew Gaul

Architect Matthew Gaul shares his advice for navigating the path to licensure. [...]

Trends in Licensure Support at Architecture Firms

A survey conducted by AIA and NCARB reveals significant gaps between emerging professionals and their supervisors when it comes to licensure. [...]

Top 10 TED Talks for Architects

Here are 10 visionary TED Talks guaranteed to get you thinking. [...]

US Architect Earns Licenses in Australia and New Zealand Through NCARB’s New Arrangement

Michael Sweeney is the first U.S. architect to become registered through a new arrangement with Australia and New Zealand. [...]

Watch Now: Making the Switch to ARE 5.0

Our exam experts answer your questions about studying for ARE 5.0, testing incentives, and switching to the new exam. [...]

Top Career Tips from New Architects

Our Architect Spotlight series is full of inspiration to keep you motivated along the path to licensure. [...]

NCARB Live: Making the Switch to ARE 5.0

We’re hosting a live webinar to give you the opportunity to talk with our exam experts about your ARE 5.0 questions and concerns. [...]

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