How to Use the New ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator

Kenji Bohlin

Kenji Bohlin

UX Designer, NCARB

With ARE 5.0 launching in late 2016, we want to make sure you’re armed with the tools you need to succeed. So we designed the ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator to help you create a personalized testing strategy. The calculator can be used without logging into your NCARB Record. But if you log in, we’ll automatically load the exams you've passed and their expiration dates. The online tool has two views: “calculator” and “credit model.”

ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator 

Calculator View

By clicking on the ARE 4.0 division buttons, you can explore which 5.0 exams you will receive credit for. Conversely, you can click the ARE 5.0 division buttons to see the list of 4.0 exams you’d need to take.

If you log into your NCARB Record, you will see checkmarks next to the exams that you have passed, along with their expiration date. If you will receive 5.0 credit for these exams, the expiration will also be shown in the 5.0 column. If you click an ARE 4.0 division to explore hypothetical scenarios, those exams will be marked with an asterisk. You must still pass these exams to receive credit.

ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator

Choose Your Transition Date

To help make this change as smooth as possible, you can transition at any point between the launch of ARE 5.0 and June 30, 2018. To account for this, you can select the exact day you’d like to transition. Pick a transition day before a 4.0 division expires and you will see 5.0 credit on the right; pick a day after a 4.0 division expires and you will not see credit.

Remember: If you have an exam that expires before June 30, 2018 (the last day that you will be able to take an ARE 4.0 division), you could potentially lose credit for any corresponding ARE 5.0 divisions. For example, if your ARE 4.0 Schematic Design division expires, then you will not receive credit for Project Planning & Design in ARE 5.0 until you retake that exam.

ARE 5.0 Transition Calculator

Credit Model View

The "credit model" view was inspired by the ARE 5.0 Credit Model (PDF). The matrix shows ARE 4.0 divisions along the left side, with the corresponding ARE 5.0 divisions along the top. To receive credit in 5.0, you’ll need to pass all asterisked divisions. For example, to receive credit for 5.0’s Construction & Evaluation, you’ll need to pass 4.0’s Construction Documents & Services.

For additional tools and tips, be sure to check out our ARE 5.0 Blog Series.

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