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Jenny Kawecki

Jenny Kawecki

Content Producer, NCARB

Are you getting ready for the November 1 launch of ARE 5.0? You’re not alone! Hundreds of other licensure candidates are prepping for their first 5.0 division, and we want to help. Enter our ARE 5.0 Community contest for a chance to win one of the resources our experts use to craft exam questions! See contest rules [PDF].

From October 17 through October 23, 2016, share your study tips and questions with fellow licensure candidates and NCARB experts in our online community, and tweet your thoughts using #ARE5. We’ll randomly select six candidates, who’ll win their choice of one of these NCARB-recommended references:

  • The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice, 15th Edition
  • The American Institute of Architects Official Guide to the 2007 AIA Contract Documents
  • Site Planning and Design Handbook, 2nd Edition
  • Architectural Graphic Standards, 12th Edition
  • Mechanical & Electrical Equipment for Buildings, 12th Edition
  • The Project Resource Manual: CSI Manual of Practice, 5th Edition

You can find the rest of the references we recommend—along with division objectives, sample items, and more—in the new ARE 5. 0 Handbook.

To enter the contest:

  1. Share your study tip or question on the ARE 5.0 Community (You’ll need to log in to My NCARB to post).
  2. Tweet about ARE 5.0 using the hashtag #ARE5.

New to the community? Learn more about it.

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