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ARE 5.0 Demo and Testing Strategies

With the November 1 launch of ARE 5.0 approaching, now’s the time to start planning your exam strategy. [...]

What is an ARE 5.0 Cut Score?

ARE 5.0 candidates who test early will help influence the cut score for each division—and receive a $100 gift card. [...]

Videos: ARE 5.0 Question Types and Case Studies

Here’s a sneak peek of ARE 5.0’s new item types, plus tips on how to use the tools at test centers. [...]

Does NCARB Profit From the ARE?

Plus other questions you've asked on the ARE 4.0 Community. [...]

NCARB Live FAQs: ARE 5.0

During this month's NCARB Live, we received dozens of questions about ARE 5.0. Here's everything you asked about the transition plan. credit model, and more. [...]