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ARE Insights FAQs: Part I

Everything you wanted to know about studying for the ARE, the Retake Policy, and more! [...]

ARE Insights FAQs: Part II

In part II of our FAQs, we cover vignette grading, score reports, and ARE 5.0. [...]

How an Architect Decorates for Halloween

From carved pumpkins to levitating skulls, each item is placed with all the considerations engrained from years of architectural practice. [...]

Understanding the Biometric Check-in Requirement

The fingertip scan you provide at Prometric test centers is never exchanged or distributed—even with NCARB. [...]

Why We Changed the ARE Retake Policy

In June, NCARB announced that we're shortening the ARE retake policy from six months to 60 days. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming change. [...]

Planning Your Approach to ARE 5.0

By using a combination of ARE 4.0 divisions and future ARE 5.0 divisions, candidates could complete the ARE in as few as five tests. [...]

Why the ARE Changes

In our last Demystifying post, we look at why and how the ARE continues to evolve. [...]

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