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Redefining the Timeline to Licensure

Aspiring architects are starting and finishing the path to licensure at a younger age. [...]

Top Architecture Stories in July

How architecture inspires artists, a Cloud-based firm, and 400 years of American homes. [...]

Top Architecture Stories in June

The first Instagrammer, the intern-mentor legacy, and 3-D-printed building materials. [...]

NCARB & AIA: Different Paths, Shared Goals

Ever wonder about the differences—and similarities—between NCARB and the AIA? [...]

Top 15 Sustainable Architecture Firms

In honor of Earth Day 2015, here are 15 firms recognized for their practice of sustainable design. [...]

The Perception of Color in Architecture

How significant is color in architectural education and practice? Several experts weigh in on the debate. [...]

New AIA Campaign Has Things Looking Up for Architects

The AIA's I Look Up campaign encourages the public to take a closer look at how architects help shape our lives. [...]