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Earn IDP Credit for Volunteer Work

Planning to give back this holiday season? Here’s how to earn IDP credit for your good deeds! [...]

Destination Architect: Getting It Done

From starting the IDP right out of high school to completing free activities in the Emerging Professional's Companion, there are several tools to help you get licensed sooner! [...]

How You Can Earn 600 Core IDP Hours

By completing activities in the Emerging Professional's Companion (EPC), you can earn up to 600 core hours of IDP credit. [...]

Watch Now: How to Earn Supplemental Experience

During last week’s NCARB Live, our internship experts walked viewers through the many ways to earn core hours for supplemental experience. [...]

Change Takes Time, Here’s What You Can Do Now

Don't let the job market, student loan debt, or skeptics stand in the way of getting your license. Here's how you can use supplemental experience to achieve your career goals sooner. [...]

How to Take the ARE While Completing IDP

Stay ahead of the game by taking advantage of early eligibility. [...]

Watch Now: Tips to Shorten Your Time to Licensure

During our latest webinar, we highlighted several tools students and interns can take advantage of to shorten their time to licensure. [...]

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