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Why the ARE Changes

In our last Demystifying post, we look at why and how the ARE continues to evolve. [...]

How the ARE is Scored

In our fourth Demystifying the ARE post, we're taking a closer look at how the ARE is scored. [...]

How Vignettes Are Developed

Creating a new vignette is no easy feat—it takes about two years for a new question to make its way onto the exam. [...]

How Written Exam Questions Are Developed

In our first Demystifying the ARE post, we took a look at who develops ARE questions. This week, we’ll break down how a question makes it way on to the exam. [...]

Who Develops the ARE?

Ever wonder how the ARE is developed? Check out our new series Demystifying the ARE, where we'll cover everything from how the exam is scored to the launch of ARE 5.0. [...]