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Architect Spotlight: Matthew Gaul

Architect Matthew Gaul shares his advice for navigating the path to licensure. [...]

Top Career Tips from New Architects

Our Architect Spotlight series is full of inspiration to keep you motivated along the path to licensure. [...]

Architect Spotlight: Devanne Pena

Architect Devanne Pena shares her advice on earning a license and her experiences as a minority in the architecture profession. [...]

Architect Spotlight: Nick Thorn

Architect Nick Thorn, AIA, LEED AP, shares his approach to the ARE and his views on licensure as a career goal. [...]

Architect Spotlight: Gabriela Baierle-Atwood

Architect Gabriela Baierle-Atwood shares how she approached the ARE and her views on the path to licensure. [...]

Architect Spotlight: Joe Cannon

Architect Joe Cannon, AIA, NCARB, shares how he approached the ARE and why getting a license was an essential career step for him. [...]

Architect Spotlight: Katelyn Grooms

Architect Katelyn Grooms, AIA, NCARB, shares how she completed the ARE in a matter of months, and how staying at one firm helped her out along the way. [...]

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