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Building Community Through AIAS’ Freedom by Design Program

By volunteering for a Freedom by Design project, architecture students can gain real-world experience and give back to their community. [...]

Clemson University Advances Health Care Through the NCARB Award

Clemson University is transforming the way students learn about the relationship between health and the built environment. [...]

Why You Should Have an Internship in Architecture School

Architecture student Robert Moy shares tips on finding the right firm and making the most of your internship. [...]

How to Survive (and Thrive!) in Architecture School

Texas A&M student Kathryn Petrauskas shares 10 tips to help you survive architecture school. [...]

Graduates from NAAB Programs Have Higher ARE Pass Rates

Plus, they finish the exam almost six months sooner than those from non-accredited programs. [...]

How Architecture Students Can Help Shape the Profession

As an architecture student, you have the power to influence the profession—and have some fun along the way! [...]

Designing for Performance

Kansas State University's studio course tackles real-world problems associated with building performance. [...]

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