New AIA Campaign Has Things Looking Up for Architects

Look up. And across. And around. The impact of architects is everywhere—from the homes that line neighborhood streets to the grandiose skyscrapers inhabiting our downtown metropolises. Yet most people have a limited understanding of how an architect develops an idea and then helps transform it into a steel-and-concrete reality.

To remedy this, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has launched the new I Look Up campaign. The goal is simple, yet extraordinarily important—to expand the public’s awareness of what an architect does and their impact on our daily lives.

Just as the AIA wants to call attention to the important work of architects, we want to make sure you don’t lose sight of the rigorous path architectural candidates go through to become licensed professionals. Without this path, there would be a lot fewer magnificent buildings to look at.

Show your support for the I Look Up campaign today by sharing photos of your favorite architecture using the hashtag #ilookup.

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