Infographic: Intern Titles by State

Editor's note—Laws and rules may have shifted since this post was published in 2014. Check with your board for the most up-to-date information.

The intern title debate—it’s a topic capable of eliciting a passionate response from emerging professionals, seasoned architects, and everyone in between. Recognizing this, NCARB President Dale McKinney, FAIA, announced the formation of a Future Title Task Force. Today, the group will meet for the first time, kicking off a year-long exploration of possible titles for everyone along the path to licensure and beyond.

Currently, 28 jurisdictions have laws and/or rules that specifically address intern titles. So even if the task force comes to a consensus (and individual state boards buy in), any change could take years to work its way through the many state legislatures.

In the meantime, we sifted through the rules and regulations of each jurisdiction to uncover what interns can call legally themselves. A word of caution: even if your state doesn’t address intern titles in its laws and/or rules, you can only call yourself an “architect” once you’re licensed. 

Remember: Always check with your state board for the latest rules and regulations.