Learn More About the New Demo Exam With Our Experts

Watch our live webinar exploring the updated demo exam, key testing strategies, and related exam changes.

To help you prepare for the launch of the online proctoring option and exam updates on December 14, NCARB has released its new ARE 5.0 demo exam. The demo exam, which includes 75 practice items, allows candidates to interact with updated navigation, features, and tools, including the new digital whiteboard. Remember, these changes will impact you whether you’re testing remotely or at a test center. 

As you familiarize yourself with the new testing experience, we expect you’ll have questions. Watch as NCARB’s Assistant Vice President of Examination Michelle Cohn, AIA, NCARB, and Manager of Examination Nick Respecki, AIA, NCARB, share an interactive webinar answering candidate questions about the demo exam. 

During the webinar, we reviewed the demo exam and shared tips on using features like the digital whiteboard and new break functionality, as well as key testing strategies. 

Couldn’t make it? A recording is now available on our YouTube channel.