NCARB Invites Emerging Professionals to Committee Summit

Did you know that all of NCARB’s programs are developed and maintained by architect volunteers from across the country? Each year, more than 200 architects (and sometimes interns and educators) volunteer for NCARB and are the force behind changes to programs like the Intern Development Program (IDP) and the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®).

In early February, four NCARB committees and one special task force met in New Orleans, LA, to collaborate on common issues and share the status of major Council initiatives. Topics discussed included the possibility of licensure upon graduation, what the next iteration of the IDP might look like, and the development of ARE 5.0. Check out some photos from the summit:

Linaea Floden, Internship Advisory Committee member and IDP Student Coordinator, takes the mic as NCARB Treasurer Margo P. Jones, AIA, LEED AP, looks on. 

Licensure Task Force (LTF) members John P. Sullivan, FAIA, and Amy Perenchio. You can learn more about the LTF here.

More than 100 NCARB volunteers attended this year's Committee Summit.

The executive director of the Ohio Architects Board, Amy M. Kobe, CAE, Hon. AIA, chats with NCARB Second Vice President Dennis S. Ward, AIA. You can learn about how the Ohio Board is reaching out to emerging professionals here.

Assistant Director of Records Demetrius Norman presented options for the next version of the IDP.

AIA President-Elect Elizabeth Chu Richter with NCARB First Vice President/President-Elect Dale McKinney, FAIA.

During the summit, NCARB and AIA New Orleans joined forces to host an outreach event for emerging professionals. Director of Examination Jared Zurn, AIA, NCARB, and Martin Smith, AIA, NCARB, LEED GA, answered questions about ARE and IDP.

About 30 students and interns showed up for the outreach event.