Watch Now: ARE 5.0 Transition Plan

Last week, hundreds of you tuned in for a special ARE 5.0 edition of NCARB Live. Our examination experts walked viewers through the new division structure, transition plan, credit model, and how candidates can complete the exam in only five divisions. We then gave you the chance to ask us anything about ARE 5.0. Here’s a snapshot of your questions: 

  • Is ARE 5.0 going to be harder than ARE 4.0?
  • How much will each division cost?
  • When will you release study materials for ARE 5.0?
  • Will the new exam reflect real-world practice?
  • Is NCARB going to change the retake policy?
  • Will candidates receive their scores instantly?
  • Do we have to learn new graphic software?
  • Will NCARB provide more detailed feedback on the ARE 5.0 score reports?
  • And more!

This month, attendees heard from the Examination Director Jared Zurn, AIA, NCARB, and Examination Research Assistant Director Ryan Misner, AIA, NCARB. While we didn’t have time to address every question, we’ll answer the remaining questions in our next blog post. Note: If you have specific questions regarding your Record, please contact Customer Service.

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