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Nichole Wayman: Completing the AXP Through the Portfolio Option

Through the AXP Portfolio, unlicensed individuals can document experience by uploading work examples that satisfy the program’s 96 tasks. To help potential applicants understand the portfolio process, Senior Architectural Designer Nichole Wayman shares her advice for navigating this opportunity.

Your role as an AXP SUpervisor

Your Role as an AXP Supervisor

As an AXP supervisor, you play an important part in guiding licensure candidates through the experience process and providing a safe work environment. Learn more about your role and the value of the experience program.

How AXP Supervisors and Candidates Can Work Together

How AXP Supervisors and Candidates Can Work Together

Watch as AXP supervisors and licensure candidates talk about ways to build a positive relationship to ensure candidates can complete the experience program smoothly and successfully.

Supervisor Update: New Supervisor CE Course Now Available! (Jan 2021)

Learn more about our new supervisor course, available through NCARB's Continuum Education Program, plus details on how to properly set up a qualified test space at your office for candidates to test remotely.

AXP Update: Make the Most of Your Check-ins With Our New Licensure Progress Worksheet (Nov 2020)

Use our free resources—including our new Licensure Progress Worksheet—to collaborate with your supervisor, create a plan, and finish the AXP. Released November 10, 2020.