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Votre Guide Pour une Carrière Dans L'architecture

Une ressource pour la prochaine génération d'architectes.

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La Guía Parala Carrera de Arquitectura

Un recurso para la próxima generación de arquitectos.

Dena Prastos

Architect Spotlight: Dena Prastos

New York architect Dena Prastos discusses the importance of diversifying the profession.

Destination Architect: Explore the Latest Trends on the Path to Licensure (Sept. 2021)

We’ve expanded our data to provide a detailed look at how race and ethnicity impact examination pass rates, time to licensure, and more.

Your guide to a career in architecture.

Your Guide to a Career in Architecture

This resource for students in grades 5-12 provides an helpful information about pursuing a career in architecture—including key skills, recommended academic preparation, and next steps after high school.