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National Architect: NCARB & NOMA Explore How Race, Age, and Gender Impact the AXP (Mar 2021)

Read NCARB and NOMA's first report of the Baseline on Belonging study, which explores how factors such as race, age, and firm size impact candidates completing the AXP.

celebration after earning a license

Destination Architect: Licensure & NCARB Certificate

Once you’ve met local requirements and received a license, you can officially call yourself an architect! You may also be eligible for the NCARB Certificate, a credential that allows you to easily practice in multiple states.

Your Guide to NCARB Certification

The NCARB Certificate gives you the flexibility you need to advance your career.

Applicant Guide

NCARB Certificate Portfolio Applicant Guide

As you complete your portfolio, please use this guide to understand the process for the preparation, submission, and review of your portfolio.

Certification Lookup

Certification Lookup

Find an NCARB certified architect near you.