NCARB Record

You will need an active NCARB Record to participate in the Architectural Experience Program® (AXP®), take the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), have your Record transmitted to an architectural registration board for initial or reciprocal registration, and apply for and maintain an NCARB Certificate.

We work to keep our costs low for licensure candidates beginning their professional careers—which is why the fees for some programs and services increase after initial licensure.

All fees are non-refundable.

  • Application fee for licensure candidates: $100
    Covers your initial application for an NCARB Record, maintains your active Record for one year, and includes one free Record transmittal to support your application for initial registration.
  • Application fee for registered architects: $1,100
    If you are already licensed in a U.S. jurisdiction, but have never held an NCARB Record, this application fee will cover the costs of evaluating your credentials for the NCARB Certificate. If you are approved for certification within 12 months of your application, your renewal date will be extended one year at no extra cost.
    Please note: If you are registered in a country other than the United States, contact our Customer Relations team at 202-879-0520 to get details on the application process.
  • Annual renewal fee for licensure candidates: $85
    Maintains your active Record for one year.
  • Annual renewal fee for registered architects: $225
    Maintains your active Record for one year.
  • Lapsed Record—Reactivates an expired Record.
    • Licensure candidate: $85 annual renewal fee for each year or partial year lapsed, up to $185 (the cost of the application plus one annual renewal).
    • Architect: $250 plus the cost of all outstanding annual renewal fees, up to $1,100.
  • Transmittal: $385
    Includes one transmittal of your NCARB Record to a U.S., Canadian, or other foreign architectural registration authority. 
  • Paper processing fee: $20
    Covers the additional cost of renewing your NCARB Record via paper form. To avoid this charge, renew your Record online through My NCARB.


In addition to the cost of an NCARB Record, each administration of an ARE division has a separate fee.

  • Total cost (six divisions): $1,410
  • Individual divisions: $235
  • Retakes: $235

Note: On October 1, 2018, the cost per ARE division increased from $210 to $235.

Rescheduling fee: $0-80

Note: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NCARB has waived rescheduling fees for all exam appointments indefinitely. Prometric may begin reinstating rescheduling fees later this summer; however, ARE candidates will not be impacted by Prometric's decision because NCARB will continue to waive ARE rescheduling fees after this point.  NCARB will provide advanced notice before the rescheduling fee structure outlined below takes effect again.  

You can reschedule an existing appointment up to four business days in advance, although a rescheduling fee may apply. Learn more about rescheduling fees in the ARE 5.0 Guidelines.

  • 0-3 business days before appointment: Rescheduling not permitted
  • 4-15 business days (by 12 noon ET) before appointment: $80
  • 16-30 business days (by 12 noon ET) before the appointment: $60
  • 30 or more business days (by 12 noon ET) before the appointment: $0

NCARB Certificate

The NCARB Certificate provides you with the freedom and mobility to go wherever your career takes you. You’ll also receive free continuing education opportunities through our Continuum Education Program.

Licensure candidates who maintain an active NCARB Record will not have to pay a separate application fee and will receive their first year of certification free, plus half off the annual renewal fee for their second year.

  • Certificate application fee: $1,100
    Covers the cost of processing your application and verifying your credentials, and maintains your active Certificate for one year.
  • Annual renewal fee: $225
    Maintains your Certificate for one year.
  • Reactivation fee: $250 plus the cost of all outstanding annual renewal fees, up to $1,100.