We want you to have the freedom to go wherever your career in architecture takes you—including the United States. But before you can call yourself an architect or practice architecture in the United States, you must first earn a license from the jurisdiction where you will practice.

Note: There is no national license to practice architecture in the United States. The 55 U.S. licensing boards regulate architecture and issue licenses specific to their jurisdiction.

As an applicant from a foreign country, your path to licensure in the United States will vary based on the individual jurisdiction’s requirements and how far you have advanced in your home country’s licensure process.

Foreign Educated Applicants
If you received an architecture degree in a foreign country but do not hold a license, you will need to follow these steps to earn a license in the United States.

Foreign Licensed Applicants
If you currently hold a license to practice architecture in a country outside of the United States, NCARB offers several options for earning a license in a U.S. jurisdiction.