Starting in spring-summer 2022, you can take the Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®) through our new exam delivery partner, PSI. PSI will replace Prometric for both in-person and online testing.

Timeline of navigating to PSI. Why is NCARB switching from Prometric to PSI?
NCARB is switching to PSI to improve the candidate experience. You can expect more direct customer service, appointment availability, and a smoother test delivery with PSI. See this list of PSI test centers to find the in-person testing location nearest you

PSI has created a webpage for ARE candidates the provides helpful resources to prepare you for a PSI exam appointment, including what to expect at a PSI test center and how to prepare for a PSI-proctored online appointment.

Visit PSI’s Webpage for ARE Candidates

When can I expect more information?
NCARB will be releasing more information in the coming months, including:

  • A target migration date
  • A list of PSI test centers so you can find the in-person testing location nearest to you
  • Updated ARE Guidelines that include any PSI-related policies and refreshed test prep videos
  • Instructions for migrating to PSI
  • Opportunities to help pilot test the ARE with PSI

When can I migrate to PSI?
NCARB is committed to ensuring a smooth migration, so we won’t set an official launch date until we’re sure all systems are ready. We expect to be able to announce a launch date in early 2022.

Once we set a date, you’ll have at least three months to continue to test with Prometric. Currently, candidates can schedule with Prometric through the end of May 2022, and we expect candidates to be able to start testing with PSI in spring-summer 2022.

Is the exam changing?
No. The exam’s content, format, tools, and navigation won’t change. We expect you will experience a smoother exam delivery and a slightly different check-in process, but the exam itself will remain the same.

How do I migrate to PSI?
If you don’t have any appointments scheduled with Prometric, you’ll be able to self-migrate to PSI through your NCARB Record approximately two months prior to the launch date. Once you migrate, you’ll be able to begin scheduling exam appointments through PSI. If you do have appointments scheduled with Prometric, you can self-migrate after completing those appointments. You will not be able to reschedule a Prometric appointment to be taken via PSI.

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