NCARB President Encourages Organization to Continue Advancing Programs

Seattle, WA—NCARB President Dennis S. Ward, FAIA, NCARB, reflected on the advances the organization has made over the past year and encouraged members to maintain their momentum at the 2016 NCARB Annual Business Meeting in Seattle.

“It is important that as a community, we keep focused on blue-sky thinking—developing vision, identifying goals, and implementing processes,” said Ward.

Ward discussed some of the campaigns that have strengthened the NCARB community over the past year, including his creation of the Ethics Task Force and adding new benefits to the NCARB Certificate. These efforts improve NCARB programs “regardless of where you went to school, gained experience, or received your license,” said Ward. “We want to take full advantage of all opportunities to give back to every part of this community. A license is a license.”

Ward also touched on the progress the organization had made in updating several key programs. “Thanks to the NCARB community,” said Ward, “the ‘three Es’—education, experience, and examination—all reflect a renewed focus on rigor for a reason and relevance to licensure candidates and the public they will protect.”

These accomplishments include the upcoming June 29 launch of the Architectural Experience Program (AXP), formerly called the Intern Development Program (IDP), and the new Architect Registration Examination® (ARE®), ARE 5.0, which will launch on November 1, 2016. Both updates will more closely align with the current practice of architecture to “allow candidates to focus on knowledge and skills,” said Ward.

In closing, Ward reminded attendees to keep going further. “Rather than rest on past accomplishments, continue working with renewed vigor,” said Ward. “We have a strong foundation in this community, but we must not be afraid of change.”